About us

Scoliosis Campaign Fund raises money to support people with scoliosis and their families, and fund research into finding the causes of scoliosis and treatments to improve quality of life for patients.
Scoliosis Campaign Fund was launched in November 2007, and is a joint fundraising venture between British Scoliosis Research Foundation, who fund research into the causes and treatment of scoliosis and Scoliosis Association (UK), a patient support charity. The two organisations have worked closely for several years and became officially affiliated in November, 2006. All money raised from the activities is divided equally between the two charities.
There is still little knowledge or understanding of scoliosis, which can make it difficult for people to access the care and information that they need, and can leave them feeling isolated and unsure where to turn.
Scoliosis Campaign Fund allows SAUK to continue its work supporting people with scoliosis and their families so that no-one has to go through scoliosis alone. 


How your money helps

SCF also raises funds to allow BSRF to continue financing research to discover the cause(s) of scoliosis and develop treatments to improve the quality of life for those who live with the condition.
Scoliosis is a difficult condition to come to terms with at all ages. For young children it can mean multiple cast fittings and repeat surgery; adolescents may have to wear a brace or have spinal fusion at a time of life when such a diagnosis can be a major blow to self confidence; and in mature years pain and immobility can have a significant impact on a person’s quality of life.

However, research has led to huge advancements in scoliosis treatments over the years allowing patients to better manage their condition and enjoy much improved quality of life.
Read personal accounts from people who are affected by scoliosis to see what benefit your money can have. Information about all the research that we fund can be found on the BSRF research portal.
Whatever amount you raise, you’re helping to fund our essential work. Take a look at some of the fantastic events that we have on offer and feel free to contact the SCF team to get more information and to find a way to raise funds that suits you. 

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