100 Fundraising Ideas


Host a garden party! Make the most of the rare spells of warm weather we get here in the UK with a garden get together. Set up party games such as pin the tail on the donkey, musical chairs or duck-duck-goose, or organise a big team game like rounders. 

Guests pay for entry and you can also sell refreshments like home-made lemonade and picnic food. 

Mufti Day Ask your workplace, school or college to hold a charity ‘mufti day’, where a small donation is paid to wear casual clothes for the day. You can take it up a notch and suggest a themed fancy dress day or pyjama day! 

Host a pub quiz at your local watering hole. Non-chain pubs are often the most open to the idea (but don’t rule out the chains).

Get sponsored to complete a skydive! Something a bit more daring! People are more willing to sponsor you if it’s an extreme challenge and this certainly counts as that. Check out the Go Skydive website if this sounds like the adrenaline boost you’re looking for: http://www.goskydive.com/scoliosis-campaign-fund/

Create a ‘Who’s that baby?’ quiz at your work. Just ask your colleagues for a baby photo and create a montage to pin on a notice board or email round to participants. Those with a good sense of humour will be more than willing to pay to take part! 

Host an outdoor cinema evening! Why not create your own cinematic experience in your back garden. Charge for entry and if you want to go all out you could make your own tickets and sell bags of popcorn and sweets. Make it atmospheric with candlelight, floor cushions and blankets.

Use your crafty skills and sell your home-made wares! There’s lots of ways to sell your crafted goods online and you’re far more likely to be successful in your sales if people know you’re giving a proportion to charity. You can set up a Facebook page to advertise your goods, or go through a selling site such as Etsy, Ebay and Amazon.  If you have a smartphone you can use an app called ‘Depop’, which has the benefit of being relatively simple, easy and quick to use.

Give up a vice, such as smoking, eating unhealthily or drinking and get people to sponsor you for your efforts. Even if you’re planning to give something up on a long-term basis give people a time-scale by which they sponsor you. That way, if you exceed your target they might pop in an extra donation! You could even do this as a joint effort with friends as it’s often easier to stick to something if you’re surrounded by other people in the same boat!

Host a games night! You could go for a Las Vegas style games night or set up a load of board games and do a rotation system.  More techie than traditional? Set up a games console with a load of multiple player games.  Your payment system could be pay to enter or an entry fee for each game. If you keep a scoreboard of the night prizes could be awarded to the winners – good motivation! 

Hold a swap shop! You could charge a decent fee to enter this as people usually come out with real gems! Swap clothes, DVDs, books, kids toys… you could even pick a theme e.g. vintage clothing or horror films.

Ask your boss if you can place a ‘swear box’ in your office! Offenders have to put in a set donation for each slip-up. You could even ‘price’ certain words according to their severity!

Provide a gift-wrapping service for stressed out shoppers! Gather some troops and ask your local shopping centre if they’ll allow you to set up your own gift-wrapping station. Great for the weeks leading up to big occasions.

Hold a garage sale!  Been meaning to have a clear-out but daunted by the prospect of finding new homes for your hordes of ‘stuff’? This works especially well if your home is well exposed and on a busy road or path but you can advertise your sale by posting leaflets through letterboxes in your local area. Local schools and churches may put up a notice for you in their newsletter and community noticeboards work well too. 

Hold a ‘Great British Tea Party’!  Invite your friends, check out our recipe section for a few ideas

Hold an ‘auction of promises’. Best done at work or school. Offer any service you can; ideas include babysitting, gardening or dog-walking.

Offer lessons on something you know lots about. Maybe you play an instrument or speak another language, or perhaps you’re a computer whizz – everybody has something to teach and everyone has something to learn! Personal training is big at the moment so if you’re into exercise or sport in a big way this might be a good thing to offer.‪ ‪

Hold an ‘International Evening’. This is a great way to bring together friends/ neighbours/ colleagues from various parts of the world and make them feel more at home, whilst giving you an exciting taste of different cultures! Get people to bring themed dishes, wear the clothing of their own or chosen country and perhaps do a relevant demonstration or performance. You’ll need a few differing cultures in order to make it a really great evening  so if you don’t have enough variation just get people to bring a flavour of a country they’re passionate about. ‪

Do a sponsored silence!!  A great one for those that love a natter…Build it up for a couple of weeks and get your colleagues, friends and family to sponsor you. It’s worth making a big deal of it to those that mock you for your tendency to chat – they’re sure to sponsor you the most!

Cake sale Keen baker? Sell your tray bakes and cakes at school, work or any clubs/organisations you belong to. An easy way to do it is to leave the goodies cut into slices next to an ‘honesty donation box’ and just pick up the donation box at the end of each day you run your sale for.

Bag packing Ask your local supermarket if you can bag-pack for donations. You can do this at any time of year but you’ll get a lot of people doing big shops around Easter, Christmas and when BBQ season kicks in during summer! You can even offer to help carry shopping to people’s cars for an extra tip! ‪

Offer a service in your local community.  A great one for younger people and groups of friends. It could be car-washing, lawn mowing, decorating, babysitting, window cleaning – or anything else you can think of!

Sell your unwanted items at a car boot sale. Be sure to advertise the fact that the money goes to charity as people will be more interested in your stall. If you don’t have enough of your own bits to sell why not offer to pick up unwanted things from friends and neighbours?

Run your own collection initiative. Pick up other peoples unwanted things such as broken furniture and appliances or even garden waste and drop it off at your local household waste recycling centre. ‪

Run a pamper evening. Provide guests with beauty products such as face masks and foot lotions and perhaps a few glasses of bubbly. If you’re feeling generous you could even offer manicures, pedicures or facials (or find a friend that’s trained in this area!)

Art/antiques auction. Get people to donate a piece of art or photography they’ve created or an old antique they’ve been meaning to get rid of and get people to bid for them. Budding artists will be glad of the opportunity to have their work on show and it’s a cheap way for people to buy authentic, original pieces for their homes. ‪

Hold a table top sale at your local community centre.  Charge local businesses and individual sellers £20 a table or take a commission on their sales. It’s a great way to promote local businesses and bring the community together. Try and get the word around because there might be people with a hidden skill who will be willing to get involved 

Hold a football fundraiser!  A good idea would be to run a 5-a-side tournament, charging teams to enter and rewarding winners with a small prize.  Spectators could be offered refreshments for a donation too.

Hold a coffee morning. Similar to a tea party but without the preparation! It doesn’t have to take up a large chunk of your day either, just set aside a couple of hours at the beginning of the day to host friends for coffee and cake. You can just keep it casual and put a donation box in the middle of your coffee table.

Hold your own ‘come dine with me’ dinner party competition! Get together a group of you and take it in turns to host dinner parties, rating each other as you go!  The difference is you have to pay to attend each one (unless it’s your own night!). You’ll have a lot of fun and sample some (hopefully!) great food, whilst raising money for a good cause. 

Host a dog show! You’ll need somewhere big enough, so perhaps a community centre, church hall, school or even sports centre. Have people pay to enter their pooches into the competitions and make up rosettes for the winners. Categories could include: ‘Best Trick’, ‘Shiniest Coat’ and ‘Dog/Owner Lookalike’. 

Organise a ‘bring and try’ drink-tasting evening. Whether wine is your passion or you’re a whisky connoisseur, you can theme the night to your liking. The idea is to get people to donate a bottle each to be used as tasters and people can rate each tipple for various different qualities. It works particularly well if people can give a background to their chosen bottle.

 ‘New year, new me’.  This is something that works well at the start of the year but why wait until then to give yourself a fresh start? There are 365 days in a year – that’s a lot of time but are you making the most of it? Make a pledge to start doing something, every single day, that will change your or someone else’s life for the better. Perhaps you’ll start meditating every morning, or buy a new person a coffee every day during your working day. Tell people you know and then set up a blog so your sponsors can follow your progress and how it’s affecting you/someone else for the better.

University challenge! If you’re at college or university and have always wanted to appear on the show then why not create your own! Put together a team and contact other local education establishment to see if they want to be pitted against you in the competition. Charge for tickets to come and watch.

Do a sweepstake! It could be for the winner of the Grand National or Great British Bake Off – whatever you choose as your competition, it’s a quick, simple and easy way to raise funds!

Host a themed evening.  Maybe you've been looking for an excuse to dress up in 70’s flower-power clothes again or you fancy yourself a James Bond themed night of glamour, suave and whole lot of Martinis…well here’s your chance!
Invite your friends over and charge them to enter into a new world for the night. 

A big cut! Do you or does someone you know have the longest locks or a beard to rival Gandalf? Maybe it’s time for a dramatic change and why not raise funds for doing it!

 Festive crafts. There are always people looking for economical and original gifts for Christmas around the festive season; a great opportunity to sell your own home-made gifts! Ideas include mason jars filled with cookie ingredients, salt dough tree decorations, Christmas cards and wreaths.

Juice and smoothie bars are all the rage at the minute as people are becoming more aware about healthy living, so why not set up your own in your workplace or school?
All you need is a blender/juicer, fresh fruit and veg, plastic cups and straws. Juices and smoothies sell for about £3.50 on average so if you sell yours for around the £2.50 mark you can entice people with your bargain prices! 

For a Trek with a beautiful twist, try a ‘by night’ challenge! Check out these two Treks; one up mount Snowdon and the other through the Lake District. Both challenges take place commence during the night, allowing you to enjoy the sunrise in all its glory, followed by a slap-up breakfast! 

Have a caffeine cull! This can be done within work, college or even within families. Just make a conscious decision every day to ‘cull’ one of your daily coffees/soft drinks and instead put the money you would have spent into a big tea/coffee pot. ‪

Have a ‘crazy hair day' at work or school! Pay a couple of pounds to come in with an outrageous hair style. Some ideas include spraying your locks a crazy colour or even wearing an eccentric head piece!

Get fit together! Gather a group of you and get sponsored for each collective stone/lb/kg you lose! It doesn't have to be specifically weight-loss though, how about measuring your success in how far you can run or how many yoga moves you can complete for instance!

Hold a bingo night! You can find bingo card templates online - print and laminate them to make them look authentic! Then all you need to do is think of some terrible number puns.. 

Run a raffle! Raffles are great because they often raise a decent amount of money whilst also being fun and bringing communities together. You can ask friends and family to donate as well as trying local business’ and services. It’s worth speaking to people you know in your area too who have a hobby such as art as they might be keen to get involved. Raffle ticket books are available in most stationary shops for super cheap. 

Hold a jumble sale In a world of consumerism gone mad a lot of people are stepping away from buying brand new and cheaply made goods and going back to buying second hand and vintage treasures. So have a dig out of your attic and cupboards, pick a date – ideally a Saturday or Sunday and get advertising in your neighbourhood. And remember – one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

Organise a ‘Battle of the Bands’ at your local community centre. 
This is a great way to not only raise funds but also to give small local bands or budding musicians a chance to perform.

Hold a Halloween party fundraiser!  As Halloween approaches why not switch up the standard trick-or-treating routine and raise some money for Scoliosis Campaign Fund with a spooky event! 
Charge guests to enter your own ‘haunted house’, complete with games and creepy looking food and drink! 

Organise a ‘cookbook’ at your child’s school or at your workplace. Ask people to submit their favourite recipes and get creative with putting it together! 

A good idea for an ongoing fundraising project - offer a service in your local area, such as dog walking or babysitting.

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