100 Fundraising Ideas


If your house is more like Blackpool Illuminations at Christmas time, you can easily turn your passion for bright lights and giant snowmen into a fundraising opportunity. Just put a donation box outside your house asking passers-by to donate for the privilege to view your display.

 Budding photographer? Get your name out there and get some experience by offering a photo shoot for a donation to SAUK/SCF. A great opportunity to build up your portfolio and try your hand at a shoot without as much pressure! 

Hold a photo caption competition! Either take or find a wacky or unusual photo and get people to pay to compete to come up with the best caption. Works great at schools or within workplaces.

 Hold a 'Pot Luck'! 

 With breakfast being the 'most important meal of the day', who can afford to start a busy working day without it? Set up a breakfast station at work with a range of food options and get people to donate to take part.

Don't fancy braving the cold this time of year but want to tackle an ultra-challenge? How about doing a group, virtual challenge in the gym? You can row the distance of the channel, run a treadmill marathon or whatever ambition you have in mind! 

Hold a talent competition! With everyone full of X-Factor fever at the moment it's a great time to host this. Works great within schools or youth clubs.

Hold a book sale! A great way to get rid of old paperbacks whilst raising money! 

Hold a 'Knit and Natter' morning. Knitting and crocheting has come back in fashion in a big way over the past few years and you might be surprised at who comes along! 

Go carol singing! It's great fun for kids or secret singers

Stay classy with a cheese and wine evening. A great way to raise funds whilst socialising and having a good time!

Hold a fashion show! A great way to give budding fashion designers and models a time to shine. 

Hold a murder mystery evening! You can find packs online that guide you through the night. ‪

Sell jars of home-made jam or chutney! Home-made always tastes better and as the season of indulgence approaches what better time to sell these tasty, home-made wares? 

Hold a Vintage Fare! Vintage items are really popular at the moment and fairs are springing up all over the country. Have a go at creating your own at your local school, community centre or club and you'll experience vintage fever first hand! Tip: Vintage wedding items are particularly popular!

Make SAUK/SCF your 'Charity of the year'. Some workplaces and education establishments already have a charity of the year initiative so it would just take suggesting it to whoever's in charge. If not - how about suggesting you start one? This also works great with groups of friends or any organised clubs you're part of. A great way to raise funds AND that all important awareness!

Run a 'take your pet to work/school day'! Obviously this is not without its hazards so do be careful to carry out any necessary risk assessments etc. If everyone bringing their pets at one time seems a bit like carnage (particularly in schools!), you could take a 'show-and-tell' approach.

Save trees and raise money by switching up how you send cards. Send your loved ones an email instead of a paper card and explain that instead of sending cards you’re donating the money you would've spent on cards to SCF/SAUK.  Then encourage them to do the same! 

Help people find love and organise a speed-dating evening at your local pub or community centre!

With all the madness of the modern life why not organise a ‘Zen Day’. Find friends who can teach yoga, meditation or anything that promotes calm and peace of mind, (or hire instructors), and hire out a community centre, school or Church. Sell tickets to people in your area (or to anyone you feel needs a bit of tranquillity in their lives..!) 

If you work in a school or have young children, you’ll know they often hold end of term discos. If you pitch it right to the head teacher you might be able to convince them to donate a proportion of the ticket sales to SCF/SAUK. A great opportunity for kids to hear about scoliosis too!

Sell any unwanted Christmas/birthday presents and donate the money to SAUK! This is best done online – through Ebay for example, to avoid hurt feelings! 

Collect your coppers for SCF. Small change might just feel like a nuisance that weighs down you pockets but it adds up and can be a big help for SCF. Dig down the sofa, check old wallets, and rummage in drawers for coppers and loose change. Round up friends and family to do the same and you might be surprised at how much you can pull together!

Hold an open house or garden. Do you have a beautiful garden or an unusual house? Why not organise an ‘open garden/house’ and charge people a nominal fee to enjoy the home/ garden you’ve worked so hard on.

Litter pick for donations. Plan a day to litter pick your local area. Gather donations from the locals who’re sure to be pleased for your positive contribution to the community! 

Busking! All you need is musical ability, permission from the local council and a whole lotta nerve! 

Handmade hampers. Selling your own hampers is a great fundraiser. Firstly because they’re so popular and secondly because they’re cheap to make and it’s not hard to make them look impressive.  People are becoming more aware of food intolerances and alternative/healthy ways of eating so for extra value you could mix it up with Gluten-free, Vegan, Paleo or Dairy-free options. 

Give up a Christmas present! Feel like Christmas has gone a bit consumerist crazy? Why not ask your loved ones to donate to SAUK/SCF instead of buying you a gift. 

Advent Challenge! Challenge yourself to do something every day for the 24 days leading up to Christmas day. It could be something to counteract the over-indulgent nature of Christmas; perhaps running or doing yoga each day or cutting out chocolate.

Hosting a New Year’s Party? It doesn't take much to raise some funds whilst enjoying yourselves. Just lay out some donation boxes (drop us an email for a template to print and cut), and perhaps set out some games that people can pay to take part in. Invite your friends to come and create some festive-themed crafts; cards, decorations and handmade presents. Then ask them to donate what they would've spent on buying these things to SCF/SAUK. 

Keen knitter? How about knitting and selling some of your own jumpers? Patterns are easy to find online and making your own gives you the freedom to customise them if you want to. 

Set a goal with a team of you to get fit. Get a group of you together and get sponsored for each collective stone you lose for instance.

Hold a cocktail night! Set up your own bar and invite friends round for an evening of tropical bliss. Look up classic cocktail recipes like ‘Long Island Iced Tea’ or ‘Bloody Mary’ and whip them up in front of your guests on the night (or hire somebody to be your barman/maid).

Keen gardener? Why not sell bunches of your home-grown flowers? Think of a snappy name and remember to let people know the money’s going to a good cause!

Organise a medieval banquet! A classic event with a good cause!

Make and sell fat balls. Fat balls for birds are really easy to make and a great thing to do with kids. You just need lard, seeds and any old scraps and some netting or containers to put them in. #

Have a firework display in your garden. Remember to be really careful with this one!

Walk/cycle/run to work week. Help encourage a healthier workplace  and ditch the cars and public transport for a week. People donate the money they would’ve spent on petrol/buses and trains.

Sponsored birthday party! For the super dedicated –turn your birthday bash into a fundraising event!

24 hour challenge! If you want to make your fundraiser stand out how about a 24 hour challenge! A popular one is a 24 hour 5-a-side football match but it doesn’t just have to be something active, what about a 24 hour chess tournament or a 24 hour jamming session?

Tie-dye for SCF. Take orders from people to tie-dye their old things and donate the money raised to SCF

Hold a poetry open mic night at your local pub or club.

Matched Giving. Ask your workplace or a local business to match whatever your raise for SCF!

Clashing day. Pay £2 to dress up in the most gaudy, brash and clashing outfit you can find!

Knit-off! Challenge your friends or co-workers to a competition as to who can knit the longest scarf.

Hold a kite flying competition! The kite that stays up the longest wins!

Hair braiding! Best done in summer & popular places are festivals/summer fairs. (you'll need permission)

Hold an entrepreneur day! Come up with ideas in groups & present them to a panel of judges, 'Dragons Den' style

Hold a sponsored eco day involving activities that help your workplace/ community group go green

Bulk buy doughnuts and let people order them from you at work/school. who doesn't love a doughnut?






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